Holloway Elementary School

6611 Pilliod Road
Holland, Ohio 43528
419.867.5703 (office)
419.867.5707 (fax)
Principal: Mr. William Renwand


Doors Open at 8:20 AM
School Starts at 8:35 AM
Dismissal is at 3:00 PM




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Welcome to Holloway Elementary School, where our mission of "Learning today to prepare for tomorrow"- is seen every day throughout our building. Holloway Hornets have high academic standards, as evidenced through past high ratings from the Ohio Department of Education.  We are very proud of the entire Holloway family - students, parents, faculty, and staff - for consistently being recognized for outstanding academic achievement. We truly are committed to being exceptional - - without exception! 

Testimonial for Holloway Parents

Mark and Kristin BrooksHolloway.Love.13

"Our daughter Kelsey is going into the 2nd grade
at Holloway Elementary.  We could not ask for a
better environment for her to grow and learn than
Holloway.  The teachers and support staff are top
notch!  They are caring and respectful of the children
and parents.  I appreciate that Holloway is culturally
diverse and is a great example of what a public school
looks like today in 2013.   Kelsey feels a true part of her
school; she loves her friendsand teachers and continues
to thrive.  We believe she is getting a well-rounded
education, including her love of music and art.  We look
forward to being a part of the future at Holloway and
seeing Kelsey continue to strive to be the best student
she can be. "



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exceptional - - without exception!

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Spelling Bee
Holloway’s 5th grade class held the winning round of the school-level Scripps National Spelling Bee yesterday.  The final nine spellers had prepared by studying a list that began with “hat” and ended with words that might trip up any adult, including “vacuousness,” “appurtenances,” “pusillanimous,” and “Machiavellian.” 

Jimmy K was the winner of yesterday’s bee.  He’ll represent Holloway as he advances to the next level, the Lucas County Area Spelling Bee, held in February at the Maumee Indoor Theater.  Winners from that bee advance to the Blade Northwest Ohio Championship Spelling Bee, where a single winner is chosen to advance to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C. in May.

Congratulations to Jimmy and to all of the eight Holloway finalists:  Jacob C, Ben C, Sam C, Eric F, Zach H, Chris N, Luke S and Nathan S.

Holloway goes to the Moon!
NASA conducted a successful test launch of their next generation spacecraft; the Orion EFT-1 on December 5th, 2014.  In honor of this history making event, the Challenger Learning Center of ESC Lake Erie West hosted a Lunar City Design Contest as part of a series of celebrations to honor this historic event.

This contest was open to all students in grades 3-8 throughout the region who are ready to engage in an activity that integrates career and college readiness skills with science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.  Students had to design a city that would be inhabitable on the moon!  Teams had to consider what kinds of materials to use, the facilities that should be included, how to   budget the project, as well as the audience to whom they will market their design for future consideration for funding. 

Holloway Elementary School’s 3rd/4th Grade Learning Enrichment Acceleration Program (LEAP) students, under the supervision of Mrs. Lawrence, entered The Eye for Engineering  competition and captured the 1st Place Award for their design of Moonopolis! Congratulations to Holloway's team members - you have sent us over the moon!

Cold Weather Tip: How to Layer Clothing
At Holloway Elementary when the weather does not always cooperate we have to be prepared to hold recess both indoors and/or outdoors.  Our recess is 20 minutes and either follows or proceeds the students lunch period.  In the winter months, students go outside for recess if the temperature and/or wind chill is 20 degrees or above.  That means the children need to bundle up to stay warm.  This is good advice for both school and home.

Layering clothing can keep you warm and dry during cold winter days.  What is layering? Layering simply means wearing a combination of clothes (in layers) to help regulate your temperature and keep you warm and dry. The layers you wear for a given activity are matched to the weather, your activity level and your personal preference. There are essentially three layers to consider: base, mid, and outer. Each layer has a specific function. The base layer wicks moisture and perspiration away from your skin to keep you warm. The mid layer is for insulation and keeping you warm. The outer layer allows moisture to escape while blocking wind, and repel water.

The Base Layer is in contact with your skin. A tight fitting and wicking material is best to keep you warm and dry. Polypropylene, silk, polyester, thermax, thinsulate, and wool are all good choices.  Avoid cotton because it traps moisture, so it stays wet and draws heat from you. The Mid Layer provides insulation. Common materials for mid-layers include down, polyester, fleece, wool and newer synthetic  natural blends. The Outer Layer blocks wind and allows moisture to escape. High tech options may include wind resistant materials, or water resistant fabrics.

After your core is covered, you need to properly dress your extremities. They are your head, hands and feet.  Wear a hat, mittens or gloves, socks and shoes/boots that match your activity and weather conditions. Over 50% of your body’s heat can be lost through the head.  To cool yourself if you overheat, you can often just remove your hat or gloves. Keep in mind that wind-blocking fabric is also important for hats and gloves. Although fleece is warm it does not provide protection from wind.  Proper gloves and hats help prevent injuries and even possible frostbite on cold days.

Proper layering will not only make you more comfortable during winter activity, but it also keeps you safe. Do not ignore shivering. Shivering is an important first sign that your body is losing heat. Persistent shivering should be a signal that your body is too cold and you may need to return indoors.

I know you will probably get an argument from time to time on how it isn’t cool to wear a coat or even boots. Just remind your children, it isn’t cool to be cold.   Parents please don’t forget to send your child to school with the proper outerwear so that they can be prepared to go outdoors for recess, and out our dismissal time.  Remember to be safe and warm.

With the colder weather and the winter months upon us, please remember that school delays and closings are announced on the local TV and radio stations or check the district website at: